Janice’s Phobia

Janice’s Phobia

By Tato Smith

There was once a girl named Janice who had a strange fear.  She was afraid to tell anyone of this fear because it was so outrageously stupid and ridiculous.  People would laugh at her and think she was insane if they knew.  So she tried to keep her fear of using the toilet in the dark to herself.  She was afraid that when she got up at night to use the bathroom that snakes would come up through the toilet and bite her bum.  You see, she saw it on TV one time that snakes could do that.

Almost every night she would get up in the dark to go to the restroom.  I think she must have had an over-active bladder or something.  She would sit down on the toilet and then get really anxious and worried and almost die of a panic attack because she wanted to jump up before the snakes could get her but couldn’t because she was still peeing.

Time went by and she was always so worried about this.  It got to the point that she couldn’t stand it anymore.  She had to tell someone!  So the next day she told her most dearest friend who she thought she could trust.  Her friend thought she was joking at first but then realized that she was super cereal.  She laughed at Janice and made fun of her.  Janice felt terrible and was extremely embarrassed.

It wasn’t long before all of Janice’s friends had heard about her silly phobia.  And of course, they all made it a point to make fun of her and laugh at her.  Janice was sad and felt like she didn’t have any friends.  They had all been so mean to her.  She decided to just stay home and never come out again.

That night when Janice got up to go pee something happened.  She sat down to pee, like always, but this time something stirred.  She heard it but it was too late to get up. Then she felt it! It was a bite!  She screamed and jumped up and had to pull the snake off of her bum.  She didn’t know what to do with it so she stomped it and then put it in a box to show everyone.  She was going to flush it down the toilet but then no one would believe her story.

She showed everyone the box with the stomped snake in it the next day.  They didn’t really believe her so she had to show them the bite on her bum too.  They were all embarrassed and from then on they too were afraid to use the toilet without looking in it first.

The End.



  1. Haha! They had it coming to them!!!
    I like!

  2. Nice! I used to have that phobia too. Not snakes, rats. Still have it in strange bathrooms.

  3. There once was a girl called Sarah who once saw a tv program about black widdow spiders hiding under the rims of toilet seats in Australia. One summer Sarah travelled from her home in Ireland to Australia and went on a 6 hour road trip. About 2 hours into the road trip Sarah realised she needed to pee. The driver pulled in to a gas station for Sarah to use the restroom. Sarah suddenly remembered the tv program and refused to use any restroom until the road trip ended four hours later although the frustrated driver pulled over at every stop. Sarah feels Janice’s pain.

  4. Also, illustration no.5 in Janice’s Phobia is probably my most favourite piece of art work in the world ever…and I’ve seen the Mona Lisa!

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