Gerald Toad

Gerald Toad

By Tato Smith

Once there was a toad named Gerald.  He lived in a pond full of frogs and he was the only toad.  Everyone knows frogs and toads don’t get along, they’re like Crypts and Bloods and were constantly fighting.  Gerald felt a little out numbered so he decided to leave.  He didn’t know where to go so he just headed West towards the wooded area about 2.4 miles away.


About 3 minutes into the trip he started feeling crunchy and a little dried out.  He then realized that deciding to move away from the pond on such a hot summer day may have been his worst idea thus far.  But he couldn’t turn back now, he’d come too far.  He just hoped there was water ahead soon.


About a minute later he had still found no water.  He did manage to make it to the trees so the shade helped some but he was still too crispy and needed water fast.  He took a short break and then continued on his quest.  Approximately 47 seconds later he spotted a small puddle about 5 paces to the North.  He hoped it was water and rushed over.


When he got there he found that it was not water but in fact squirrel urine.  He was greatly unhappy about this but it was quite possibly the only liquid around for miles.  So without further ado, he hopped in and rolled around.  It was unpleasant and burned his crunchy, dried out toad skin.  It didn’t smell the greatest either.


He jumped out and moved on.  He traveled for days without finding water and had to continue staying moist with other animal’s pee pee.  But on the fifth day he finally found and quiet little quaint pond.  He soon found that there were no frogs at the pond but there were no toads either.  There were, however, snakes.  They soon discovered him and ate him.  He should have stayed with the frogs.

The End.



  1. That’s so sad!!! Poor Gerald…

  2. “Approximately 47 seconds later he spotted a small puddle about 5 paces to the North” lol, I was laughing from this point on, even when the poor toad rolled in pee pee and got eaten. That’s probably wrong of me to laugh at the poor toad. But I love these stories.

  3. Wow….What a horrid Looked like a childrens story at first, but after the first 3 seconds of reading, i noted the term “crips and bloods”…haha BTW…i hate snakes a little bit more now..:)

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