Worst Things Ever

I’m sure you’ve all seen those blogs with “The 20 Most Whatevers,” well here is my personal list of the 17 worst things ever.


1.  Some might think it nice, or a luxury, but to me, sitting down on an already warm toilet seat is nothing more than terrible.

Warm Toilet Seat

2.  Nothing is more frustrating when you choose self checkout because you think it will be faster and then hearing, ‘Unexpected item in the bagging area’ or ‘Attendant has been notified to assist you.’  Curse you, self checkout!

self checkout


3. This. I don’t even need to say anymore about how awful this is.

socks with a hole in the toe


4.  Crotch Sniffers. You go to someone’s house who has large dogs and immediately they go in for the crotch. Nice to see you too!…Not!

dog sniffing crotch


5.  When you try to shake someone’s hand who wasn’t trying to shake yours. Pretty embarrassing. And how to you save yourself when this happens? Just scratch your nose.

mistaken handshake


6.  Wet sleeve. You get the end of your shirt sleeve wet while washing your hands or doing dishes. Then it’s wet and cold forever. You could just change your shirt and make more laundry, but come on, who really wants to do that?

wet sleeve


7.  You’ve already been seated at a restaurant and after looking at the menu, you realize that you do not want to eat here. Do you stay anyways, or get up and walk out leaving the staff wondering? Well this is pretty awkward.

Not eating here

8. When you’re reintroduced to someone you’ve already met before, but they don’t remember you at all. You’re just that forgettable.

I don't remember you


9.  The feeling you get when you finally realize the person you were talking to is no longer there and you’ve been talking to yourself for who knows how long.

Talking to yourself


10.  When you’ve stepped just over the line while bowling.

Crossed the line


11. Getting a snowflake in your eye. If this has never happened to you, just know that it sucks.


12.  When you put on a coat or jacket while wearing long sleeves and everything gets all bunched up.

Michelin man sleeves


13.  When you’re cooking and realize that you’ve forgotten to put in one of the most important ingredients and you have to try to work it in somehow.

forgot ingredient


14. When your hair reaches that length that it get’s stuck in places it shouldn’t be.

hair in armpits


15. When you’re going through the clearance rack and find an awesome shirt and are super stoked. Then you realize it was on the wrong rack and isn’t on sale.



16.  When this happens.

missed the straw


17.  When you misjudge how low a seat actually is.

misjudged seating height


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