Jasper the retarded ghost

Jasper The Retarded Ghost

By Tato Smith

Once upon a time, there was a ghost name Tammy.  Tammy was getting ready to have a baby ghost and she was sooo excited she was going to have a little terror to help scare people.  She had big plans for all the scary things that they would do together and couldn’t wait for him to arrive.  She would name him Jasper.

The day finally came for the baby ghost to arrive.  Tammy was super excited. But when he was born, she was less than thrilled.  The doctor told her that he was retarded.  Tammy was all like “NOOOOOO! Now he wont be scary!”  Tammy was so sad and disappointed.  But Halloween was near and she didn’t have time to find or make a replacement scary ghost so Jasper would have to do.

Halloween came before Tammy knew it.  She had been working with Jasper to try to teach him to scare people and to make scary noises.  She found that it was impossible for him to say, “Boo!” or anything like it.  The only sound he made was, “EeeuuuuUUUUHH!”  It ultimately wasn’t very scary but would have to do.  It was time for his first scare! Some unsuspecting people were walking by and Tammy shoved Jasper out from behind a bush to scare them.  He did his best but it was still the terrible, “EeeuuuUUUUH!” sound.  The people stopped, and laughed at him.  This is not what Tammy had hoped for.

Tammy was sooo embarrassed and so was Jasper, they laughed at him.  They went on and tried scaring more people, but it didn’t work, everyone laughed.  Jasper was sad and Tammy noticed.  She didn’t want him to keep getting his feelings hurt every time he got laughed at.

So Tammy decided on the next scare she would make scary noises from behind the bush so Japser thought it was him that was being scary to make him feel better.  It worked! The people were scared and Jasper was pleased and so was Tammy.  They did this routine the rest of the night.  Jasper was very happy with himself and in the next year Tammy trained him to be scary so he could do it on his own next Halloween.

The End.


  1. This is the best story site ever!

  2. This is soooo cute! Thank you for sharing this story.

  3. hahahahahahahahaha awesome

  4. You should make a story like “Kenny the Camel ‘The Quest of the Camel Toe'”…lol

  5. Awesome !

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