Robert’s Voyage

Robert’s Voyage

By Tato Smith

Once upon a time, somewhere where it’s very cold and there’s lots of snow, there lived a walrus.  His name was Robert.  Robert was usually a friendly walrus.  His hobbies were riding his tricycle, (he couldn’t ride a bicycle cuz he was too big and heavy and needed more support) ice fishing and knitting.

Ice fishing

Robert lived in an igloo thing.  He had never lived in an igloo before, he used to live in a hole in the ground.  It was pretty cold outside and Robert felt like having soup.  So he proceeded to make a can of Campbell’s  Chicken Noodle Soup on the stove.  After a few minutes of his soup cooking he noticed that his house was slowing getting smaller.  He didn’t know what was going on.  Pretty soon all that was left was Robert, the stove and a big puddle.  His igloo house had melted.  He wondered why there was a stove in an ice house. But at least he had soup. So he ate his soup and went searching for a new home.

Robert wondered why everything bad always happened to him.  Just a week earlier his girlfriend left him for a walrus with only one tusk! Anyways, Robert searched and searched for a new home.  His realtor really wasn’t much help.  So Robert fired him.  He decided he would just build a raft and sail out to see where he would end up.

For forty days and for forty nights he sailed.  Finally he reached land.  This land was not like his old land.  It was hot here and there were funny trees and sand.  This is not what he had in mind.  This was too hot for him.  But he decided to stay.  He built a small house out of wood.  But he was soooo hot in his house, he had never sweated before.

He roasted in the heat for weeks and weeks. He was about to set sail to find somewhere cooler to live.  But then he found something that had washed up on the shore.  He wasn’t too sure what it was.  He took a closer look and it seemed to be some kind of air condoning window unit. ‘I have a window!’ he thought.  So he went and hooked it up.  It actually worked too!  So after a hard days work of planting his garden, he went inside and sat in front of the nice cold air conditioner. Life was good.

The End.


  1. I like the walrus. He kinda reminds me of meatwad. I think the kiwi did too.

  2. I like the pictures!!!

  3. Yaay Robert. Yaay for air conditioning! Life is good! Love the stories, as always.

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