Not a good sign

Well that's not a good sign

Well that's not a good sign



  1. Garrick Enright

    My goodness, that really isn’t a good sign :S

  2. hahah. I was born under that sign.

  3. I think it’s time for a new Tato Story.

  4. that’s a very good sign. :3

  5. Hi, my 13 yr old daughter sent me a link to that panel a month or two ago.
    Still cracks me uip
    Could anyone tell me where (or how) i could get that pattern put on girls T-shirt size medium? Any info would be immensely appreciated….Thanks

  6. hehe… that is sooo me! blondes are like that sometimes..

  7. well thats not a good sign

  8. It must be good for this website. ITS FUNNE

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    This is a really popular picture.

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