Sam Pear

Sam Pear

By Tato Smith

Once upon a time there was a Pear named Sam.  Yep, a pear.  He lived a community just for fruits to live in.  But Sam Pear was the only one of his kind.  There were no other pears living in the complex.  All the other fruits hassled him about it.  They would say mean things like, "Hey Pear, where’s your pair?!" Because pear and pair sound the same.. aahaa, funny! But Sam didn’t really find it funny.  Poor Sam Pear.


The Bananas were the worst, as Bananas usually are.  They always made such a big deal of it.  The Kiwis were pretty bad too.  They thought they were pretty cool. (They are really)  But still, it was no reason to taunt.  One day while Sam Pear was working out on the treadmill in the gym, the Bananas and Kiwis were scheming.  They decided to steal some juice from Tony Lime and squirt it into the treadmill.  The treadmill couldn’t handle Tony Lime’s juice and went crazy.  It started going super super fast and Sam Pear couldn’t keep up so he went flying off the back and into the wall.  Poor Sam Pear.


Sam Pear was hurt and embarrassed.  He lost a little juice on that one. He knew it had to of been the Bananas and Kiwis.  They were always pulling pranks like that on him.  He wished there was some way to get back at them.    He couldn’t do it alone though, he would need an accomplice.  But he knew none of the other fruits at the fruit living community would care to help him.  Perhaps a vegetable would help him.


The first thing Sam did when he got back to his room was call up the Vegetable Living Community across the street. It took a while and he had to talk to a couple very grouchy zucchinis , but eventually he found a carrot willing to help.  Sam was excited!  So Sam Pear and Joe Carrot met to devise a plan.  They thought and thought and finally came up with something.


They decided they would look up the Banana’s and Kiwi’s moms up on the phone.  (Yeah. They thought forever and it’s the best they could come up with.) Their mommy’s were shocked and quite upset when they heard about their son’s behavior.  They decided they would come down to the Fruit Living Community right away to spank them and get them in line.  And so it was. Sam Pear had no further troubles from any of the other fruits again.

The End.



  1. Hahaha! Stupid Banana and Kiwi!

  2. haha. spanked by thier mommies. I’ll bet they were humiliated in front of the whole Fruit Living Community.

  3. For some reason the kiwi reminds me of meatwad.

  4. You need to hurry up and write a new story. I will be upset if you miss a month!

  5. I think if you could shorten some of the stories, they’d make really good books for children.

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