Skippy’s Loss

Skippy’s Loss

By Tato Smith

There was once a guy known as, “Skippy.” He was the best professional golf cart racer around, everyone knew him. He was just one race away from winning the trophy, he had to win this next race! So he was busy training and getting ready for the big race because you have to be in the best of shape to race golf carts.

Work out

It was finally the day of the big race. Skippy was really excited. He just knew that trophy would be his. So right when they said, “GO!” Skippy hit the gas. The fans were going wild. (Cuz golf cart races are really exciting, like better than Nascar) Skippy was doing pretty well, only one cart was ahead of him and Skippy was gaining on him. He had a really nice golf cart, it went about 15 mph when most the others only went about 12.

Catching up

Skippy had just passed the cart in front of him! But a guy in the stands must of had his money on that cart because he got pretty upset at Skippy for passing him. So he decided it would be a good idea to throw the fried turkey leg thing that he was eating at Skippy’s cart. He missed his cart but it landed in front of it and Skippy’s cart ran over it. Well kind of, the cart wouldn’t roll over it so it got stuck and everyone passed Skippy and he lost the race.

Turkey leg

Skippy was so upset! He went up to the stands and grabbed the idiot that threw the turkey leg thing and drug him down to the track. He was like, “What the poop you throw that poopin’ poultry leg down ‘ere for?! Now I won’t get my golf cart championship trophy!” and started to beat the guy with the turkey leg thing.


This of course infuriated the rest of the fans. They had to pull Skippy off of the idiot who threw the turkey leg thing. Everyone who once liked Skippy didn’t like him anymore. Skippy was in big trouble for beating a fan with a turkey leg thing. They banned him from ever racing golf carts again and Skippy was sad.

The End.



  1. Damn Skippy!

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