Poor Tree

Poor Tree

By Tato Smith

One Christmas, a family decided to put up their first Christmas tree together. But this being their first Christmas tree, they didn’t have any pretty ornaments, lights or anything to put on it. They wanted to buy some but they were real poor like. But they thought they would set one up anyways without anything on it. They didn’t think it would be a problem. But they didn’t know trees have feelings too. So there he sat next to the window, bare and naked.


He would sit there all day and night looking out the window. He was content and happy…until one night he saw the other pretty Christmas trees sitting by windows in the neighbors houses. They all had pretty lights and other things on them. He wanted to have pretty twinkling lights too. This made him sad. But what made it worse was the other trees saw him and mocked him. They twinkled their little lights even brighter right in front of him.

Sad Tree

All the other trees also had lots and lots of pretty boxes and presents wrapped up underneath them. He knew he wouldn’t have any of those either. The poor tree was starting to become a very depressed little Christmas tree. He would stare at the other trees all day and wish one day he could look just like that. The other trees also made fun of him for being a fake tree. They were all real and had pretty pine needles. He didn’t even know what he was made of, some kind of plastic or something. He didn’t want to be up anymore. He wanted to go back downstairs in his box and never come out.


Finally it was Christmas. All the other trees got to enjoy quality time with their families. But poor tree didn’t. He just got to watch all the others and cry. At least it was just about over with and he could go back downstairs soon. But the people were not home to take him down. So there he sat til a couple days after Christmas. He looked out the window one last time and what he saw made him happy. All the other trees had been stripped of their pretty lights and ornaments and thrown out by the street, left for dead.


At least he knew that would never happen to him because he was a fake tree. And he knew he’d get to be back up next year and that he would have lots of pretties to wear then. And he’d even have some presents underneath then too! He was happy and wouldn’t have to be put away being all depressed.
The end.



  1. Poor tree I almost cried. We should buy him sparkly lights and presents.

  2. I still like real trees better. You don’t have to find a place to store them…
    I’m sure your tree will have some presents by Christmas!

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