Tough Pink Fish

Tough Pink Fish

By Tato Smith

Based on a true story!

Once upon a time there was a pink fish named Fish. He was a nice pink fish, well actually he was pretty grumpy all the time. He would always poof up at people when they would walk into the room. They all just thought he was retarded, but he thought he was cool and tough.

Tough Fish

He lived with a nice girl for about 3 years and he had been the only fish in her life the whole time. He liked being the only one. He didn’t want to have to share his space with another fishy. But one day he noticed a new fish in a bowl right next to his! It was a young, blue whippersnapper fish with pretty fins named Plankton. ‘What is this!?’ he though. He was quite upset. Were the people trying to replace him just because he was getting old? He would not have this!

What the poop?!

But Fish realized that there was really nothing he could do to get rid of Plankton. So he tried to be nice to the newcomer, even shared his food pellets with him. But one day while the girl was cleaning out their houses, she dropped Fish into the garbage disposal! She didn’t mean to, but still. Poor Fish was down there flopping around. She could hear him down there but couldn’t find him! Finally she found him, she was sure he’d be dead. But surprise! He wasn’t! Yay! He was slightly unhappy though.


Plankton’s move went smoothly though. So he was all like hehehe.

A couple weeks passed and it was time to clean their houses again. The girl was nervous about doing it because of what happened last time. Plankton’s move went well again, but as for Fish..well, he got dropped on the floor. He was like, SPLAT! The girl was terrified because Fish wasn’t moving. She thought he was dead. But she picked him up and put him in his house and he was fine. Hooray!! He was quite unhappy with her again though. Why was everything bad happening to him and not Plankton? It wasn’t fair.


A couple more weeks went by and things were okay for Fish. But Plankton wasn’t looking so good. The girl was sad that her new fishy was sick. He wasn’t very blue anymore and was kind of poofy. She gave him a couple days to get better. But a couple days later, Plankton was no more. He had died! Fish was pretty excited when he heard the news. He had out lived the young whippersnapper fish! Hooray!

The End.



  1. Poor Doodlebob! Why’d he have to die?!?! *cries* I’m glad Fish is ok though. He’s a tough one!

  2. :-( poor doodlebob. I miss feeding him breakfast every morning before you woke up to give him lunch.

  3. Poor fish. He is not that tough in the toilet.

  4. I would hate to be that fish thats just sad.

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