By Tato Smith

One day there was a couple that had some eggs. They decided they didn’t want the eggs anymore. They thought it would be a good idea to through them out the window, so that’s what they did. They were happy they got rid of their eggs.


The next day a froggy was hopping along. She noticed the eggs. One of the eggs was not broken. She thought, ‘Oh my! Poor egg!’ So she decided it would be a good idea to take the egg home so she could properly care for it. It was kind of hard for her to roll it back to her home because the egg was much bigger than her.


After nearly 3 hours of pushing, she finally got the egg back to her house. She decided that now she needed to sit on it so it would hatch. It was pretty hard her to get on top of the egg. But she finally made it. Once on top, she decided she better not get back off until it hatched cuz it was just too hard to get back on again. She felt kind of stupid sitting on a big egg that was obviously not hers. She hoped no one would walk by and see her.


After many, many hours of sitting on the egg she started to get tired. She thought maybe it wasn’t going to hatch. So she decided she was only going to sit on the egg for 10 more minutes and if nothing happened she was going to push the egg over a cliff or something. After 5 minutes she felt the egg start to move and crack! She was excited. Once it hatched, she realized that it was a chicken egg. Oh my!


The chick thought the frog was its mommy. So the frog was all like, ‘Holy poopanoli!’ She wasn’t really sure what she was supposed to do now. She tried to tell the chick that she was not its mommy and that he should go find the other chickens. But of course the chick had no clue what a chicken was, it had only seen frogs. So she figured there was nothing she could do except to raise the chick until it got old enough to go away. So she taught him to hop around and catch bugs and to swim and it grew up thinking it was a froggy, But he was happy.

The End.



  1. You mean we could have had a chickenfrog if we kept those eggs? :(

  2. He he… chickenfrog…
    Reminds me of Milo and Otis!!!

  3. I thought the chicken was gonna eat the frog at the end? Guess I was wrong! lol….

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