Yami Beaver

Yami Beaver

By Tato Smith

Once upon a time there was a beaver named Yami. He was a deformed little beaver. He was born with a bushy, squirrel-like tail rather than a flat one like other beavers. It was because his mommy did too much crack. All the other beavers made fun of his bushy tail, they said he wasn’t worthy to be called a beaver. It made poor Yami sad.


Yami felt really out of place with the other beavers. So he decided to see if he would fit in better with the squirrels. At first the squirrels thought he was just a really fat squirrel. So they tried to get him to exercise with them by running around and going up trees. He tried to follow them up, but Yami couldn’t climb trees, he was a beaver.


The squirrels then realized Yami was not a squirrel an that he was a deformed retard. They made him leave them alone. Yami was all alone again. The squirrels hated him and so did the beavers. He didn’t know where else to go now. He decided he would go find his mother. Maybe she would love him. After many hours of searching, he finally found her. She was in the “trap” gettin’ some “white beaver.” She was unhappy to see him and yelled at him to go away and to never come around her ever again cuz he was a mutant beaver.


Yami was sooooo sad. No one liked him at all, not even his mother. He was just about to give up and go kill himself. But then he saw some animals he had never seen before. They were ferrets. One came up to Yami and asked him if he’d like to play with them. Yami was so excited, someone wanted to be around him! He asked why they wanted to play with him when no one else would. They told him that ferrets are a nice animal who accept everyone for who or what they are, they like everyone.


So Yami and the ferrets got along great and were best friends. They lived happily ever after and sometimes when the other beavers and Yami’s mom were asleep or not home, they would throw eggs at their houses. That’s what they got for being mean to poor Yami.

The End.



  1. Yeaaah go nice ferts! Ha see they are good pets to have. That ferret looks more like a sneaky mongoose though and not a ferret.

  2. Hows come the squirrels are mean?

    I’ve never met a mean squirrel.

    Every squirrel I met was just nuts 😀

  3. Hmm… I wonder where you got the idea for this story!!! Poor Jerrah. Couldn’t remember if they were ferrets, mongooses (mongeese?), or beavers. Stupid squirrels and beavers!
    Very nice, yet again!

  4. lol. i’m drunk and that story was silly yet so true.

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