Spider Hotel

Spider Hotel

By Tato Smith

Once there was a spider who was traveling to find the best 5 star spider hotel out there. He was a pretty big spider, a brown recluse at that. Most other spiders were kind of afraid of him being all buff and stuff. The lady spiders were always like, “Ooh, look at his pecks!” He definitely loved the attention.


But as he was traveling one day, he came to a spider hotel located in a kitchen light fixture. Seemed a little shabby from the outside, but once inside he was shocked at how nice it was. They have a volley ball court, hot babes and everything. He would soo be staying here! But like most things that seem too good to be true, it probably was but he didn’t care. He had so much fun stuff to do he didn’t have time to think about stuff like that, he had to go play!

Volley Ball

After he had been there for a couple days he had done everything there was to do and met everyone there was to meet. He played volley ball, went swimming, ate the free breakfast, played bingo and everything else. There was nothing left to do and he was starting to get a little bored. He needed something new to do now.


So he began packing his things so he could move on to the next spider hotel. He finished packing and started for the door. After searching for an exit for over 30 minutes he became angry and asked the spider at the front desk where the exit was. The front desk spider smiled and laughed. ” You thought you were actually going to get out of here?” he asked. “There is no way out once you’re in, you’re here til the heat from the light bulbs fry you. Why do you think we make it look so nice? Mwahaha!” The front desk spider was rude. So he began to freak out and run around looking for some way out. He didn’t want to be stuck here, he had so many more spider hotels to see.


It wasn’t until he was running around looking for a way out that he noticed all the crispy corpses laying around. ‘Why didn’t I notice them before?!’, he thought. He was afraid and sad. He didn’t wanna stay here the rest of his life, there was nothing fun left for him to do. He ran and ran and ran until he couldn’t run anymore and laid down and turned crispy.

The End.



  1. Haha! Stupid spiders got what’s coming to them!!!! The one in the bathroom should have not stayed at the bathroom counter hotel! MASH!!!!!!!!!! Good story!

  2. Hooray for crunchy spiders!

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