Chip’s Adventure

Chip’s Adventure

By Tato Smith

One time there was a beach ball. His name was Chip. He was usually a happy beach ball. He liked to just blow in the wind and see where it took him. Chip didn’t have any friends, so I guess he was kind of lonely. But he didn’t really mind too much. He would rather be by himself.


But one day he blew to a beach he had never been to before. There was all kinds of weird things he’d never seen. He was pretty excited! He saw one of the native beach dwellers and decided to go introduce himself. The native beach dweller was uninterested and rude. He had a small vocabulary and all he said was “I pinch, just little pinch.”
Chip was confused and rolled away from the stupid native beach dweller.

I pinch

As Chip was rolling away he was snatched up by beach comers. They thought it would be fun to throw him around and hit him! He was terrified. Being thrown around and hit didn’t sound like fun to him. They tossed him into the air and smacked him really hard. He could feel the air seep out of him each time. He thought he was going to deflate and die. He tried to get away but couldn’t. He didn’t know what to do!


Then a rather large sea gull swooped down and hit Chip. It knocked him away from the mean beach goers. The sea gull picked him up and carried him far away. He thought the sea gull was saving him from them. They finally landed. Chip didn’t really know where he was. It was high up though. The sea gull had taken him to his nest. The sea gull then started to peck at Chip. He tried to get him to stop but couldn’t. He didn’t want to be popped! It was then he realized the sea gull only wanted to use his deflated body as an umbrella to shade his nest.

Sea Gull

Chip was finally able to get away and roll out of the nest. He fell really far until he landed in the water below. He tried to swim to shore but he was too far out. The waves carried him farther and farther out to sea. He thought someone would see him and save him. But no one came. Then a really big fishy came up and swallowed him!

The end.



  1. :'( poor Chip. This story made me sad!

  2. I liked the story, though the ending maked me sad :(

    all that hard work for nothing?! Poor lil’ yellow guy.

  3. The guy in you beach volleyball picture looks a little TOO happy. Haha!
    You’re big fish looks like Godzilla.

  4. Pinch…?

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