The Bunnies

The Bunnies

By Tato Smith

Once upon a time there was a family of bunnies. They were a nice bunny family. They lived in a hole under a bush. It was a nice bush, it had a nice open floor plan and plenty of room. It was also very energy efficient because of the new leaves Mr. Bunny had put in. The Bunny Family loved their home.


Their bush was usually a quiet and peaceful place. Only thing they didn’t like was when the rude cats from next door would come in and use the bathroom. Mrs. Bunny would always get real mad and gripe a lot because she had to clean it up. Kitty poop is real stinky too, so that made it even worse. The cats didn’t care though, they always came kept coming back.


But one morning the Bunny family was rudely awakened but a very loud noise. It was like VRRUUUMMMM. The Bunnies were all like, “AHHH! What the poop?!” The ground was shaking and they tried to go to the window to see what it was. The ground was shaking so bad it made it too hard to walk. They were like, “woah man!” Then all of a sudden they looked up and their bush was gone! An evil lawnmower had come and chopped their home! They were sad.


There was pieces of their bush everywhere. The bunny family was devastated. They didn’t know what to do or where to go. They went to see if they could stay with the rude neighbor cats. But they were rude and said no.


But luckily Mr. Bunny had bush insurance. So they got a new bush and were back on their feet very soon.


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  1. Heehee evil lawn mower! Me like!

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