Ol’ Yeller

Ol’ Yeller

By Tato Smith

One time there was yellow refrigerator. It was a good trusty yellow refrigerator. It kept yummy food cold so the nice people could eat it. One thing was for sure, this was one very happy yellow refrigerator. It loved its job and it did it well. Except for sometimes it would freeze things on accident, but that was okay.

Happy Fridge

But one day he just started getting really empty. He noticed no one was putting anything new in either. He was beginning to get worried. He thought the nice people didn’t like him anymore. So he wanted to get back at them. He didn’t know how other than to do something to their food. But the only food in him was orange Jell-o, carrots and butter.


So one day when the nice people left for the day, he decided to shut off. It didn’t hurt the butter or carrots much, but the orange Jell-o was no longer in Jell-o form and gross. ‘Hahaha! Take that peoples!,’ he thought. The nice people came home that evening and the female nice people greatly desired some orange Jell-o for a snack. She opened the yellow fridge and pulled out the Jell-o and it spilled all over her and stained her favorite shirt orange.


The poor nice female ran away and cried. The yellow fridge was happy. He got back at them. But he was still sad though because he wanted the nice peoples to use him again. He wanted to be full of yummy leftovers again. So he began to take his revenge to the next level; the freezer. He decided to shut off the freezer the next time the nice people left again. This made all the ice and stuff thaw out and made a huge puddle on the floor around the yellow refrigerator.


The puddle kept getting bigger and bigger. Finally it got so big and the yellow fridge’s cord got dripped on and it ran into the plug-in and went *KKPFFSSST* and the outlet kind of caught on fire for a minute but it went away. The yellow fridge was gone to a better place. His plan of revenge backfired.


The nice people people returned to find their yellow refrigerator dead. They thought it was suicide. He hadn’t been talking to them recently. They were devastated. Now where would they put the new groceries? Yes, that’s where they were, the store, cuz the male had just gotten paid so they had money for food again. So they went out and got a new trusty refrigerator. This one was white and it was a girl fridge. She was very happy in her new home with lots of leftovers. The nice people just didn’t tell her what had happened to the old yellow fridge.

The End.

Happy New Fridge


  1. :-( poor yellow fridge… so sad

  2. yay story! yay being able to comment!! yes, so not all the pictures show up, and if you click on them they open up a new page with a funny saying. BUT if you right click, and choose “view image” then you can see them.
    hope it helps for anyone else having problems! oh, i’m in firefox by the way…

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