Snow Day

Snow Day

By Tato Smith

Once upon a time, it snowed. That’s right, it snowed in town called Whippersnapperville. The children in the town were all excited that they had a day off from school and went to play in the snow. All the children made neat things out of the snow like igloos and forts. But one little boy decided to make a snowman.


The boy was so happy with his snowman. But all the other kids made fun of it. They all knew that building snowmen was way out of style. Snowmen just weren’t cool anymore. The poor boy started crying and ran inside. The other kids built forts and threw snowballs at the poor snowman. This didn’t hurt the snowman too much so they took it to the next level. One boy peed on the poor snowman and another knocked his head off.

oh no!

The poor innocent snowman was being ruined. The mean kids began to beat the snowman with sticks and call it mean names. The poor snowman didn’t deserve this. He just wanted to sit peacefully in his yard and watch cars drive by and the people say, “Ooh look, it’s a snowman!” The poor snowman tried his hardest not to cry, he didn’t want to melt himself. But the mean names hurt him a lot. The kids went home to have some hot chocolate. The snowman thought he would have peace now. But no. Birds came and sat on him. They picked at his face and pooped on him.


The evil birds finally flew away. The snowman was all yucky. Then he saw the mean kids coming back. The poor snowman was like, ‘Nooo!’ They started to kick him and beat him with hammers. The poor snowman didn’t much care for this. After several more minutes of brutal torture, the snowman had had enough. He picked up his head and put it back on and screamed at the mean kids.


The kids all ran home scared. He thought that he’d seen the last of them. But then he saw them building their own snowmen to fight back at him. But snowmen, being mild tempered, did not feel the need to fight the other snowman. They went over to him to have a talk instead.


The mean children didn’t know what was going on and wondered why they wouldn’t fight the other snowman like they told them to. But after the snowman told the others about what the mean kids had done to him they were infuriated. They went and beat up the mean kids with hammers.


The mean children all ran home crying and beaten. They snowmen went and smashed their forts and then went and sat in their yard peacefully never to be bothered or beaten or peed or pooped on again.


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  1. Hahaha yay go snowman!

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