The Poopy Neighbor

The Poopy Neighbor

By Tato Smith

Based on a true story!

Once upon a time there was a neighbor. He lived in the apartment right below a nice couple. He was a nice guy, just kinda weird. It usually was that he would like to start playing his guitar, keyboard or drums at about 2 in the morning and would play for hours. The nice couple didn’t want to complain and cause problems so they just kind of got used to his bad music at all hours.


The poopy neighbor also always stole the hot water when the nice couple wanted to take showers. He liked to yell at himself a lot in the mirror or something too. A phrase they heard a lot was, “Are you talkin’ to me?!” and “You wanna piece of this?!” They often heard him shouting profane things and singing really bad opera music while he was showering. This didn’t really bother the nice couple, they thought it was pretty funny.


The nice couple would come home sometimes and he would have his junky car parked in the driveway so they couldn’t park there. And sometimes the nice couple would come home and the poopy neighbor would be standing in front of his door with just his boxers on. Him being pretty fat and out of shape, the nice couple was like, “Ewww!” and they hurried past so they wouldn’t have to look at it any longer.


But finally when the nice couple had had enough, they decided to move out of town. They were very happy to leave. No more poopy neighbor and the town really kind of stank. “Yay, no more stinky town!” they said. And with that, they sped off and never returned. The end.



  1. i’m so happy you are coming back!!!! yay!!! so long, poopy neighbor!!!!

  2. he is nice sometimes though. like that time you might have locked your keys in the car and he gave me a ride so i could save you. and that time we explored the basement thingy and he came with us… hmmmm

  3. True story huh? lol… haha… :p

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