Tha Deala

Tha Deala

By Tato Smith

Once upon a time, there was a drug dealer. He doesn’t have a name though. I might get shot if I told you. So we’ll just call him Bob. Anyways, he was the best weed man in the whole town. Everybody knew where to get their fix. He was a nice dealer, but not too nice so people wouldn’t think he was soft and take advantage of it.

Buy from me

So one day Bob was doin’ what he always did everyday, ridin’ around, and he saw some real fly chick. Bob was like, “Daaayum, homie!” He decided to go talk to the broad. She was nice, but had bad teeth, real bad teeth. So bad he couldn’t stand to talk to her cuz he kept lookin’ at them and it made him sick. He left.

Dayum hoe

‘That was a close one,’ he thought, ‘I almost barfed.’ But luckily he didn’t. Good job, Bob, good job. Anyways, he had to go, he had to make a delivery. This guy didn’t have quite enough money though. But he said he could get it to Bob by tomorrow. Bob was like, “Aight nigga, I feel you.” And it was so.

Take it nigga

Then it was tomorrow and dat nigga didn’t have Bob’s dough. Bob needed that cheese, nigga. Naw sayin’? Bob was like, “Sheit son! I don’t wanna do dis, but I got ta.” …


Dat nigga dun learn his lesson. So Bob went about doin’ business like normal. Then he met this otha fine gurl. He took a chance an talked to her hoping her teeth were all in tact. They were, thank God! He like her and she like him. They went and got slushies and lived happily ever after. The end.



  1. Hahahaha dayum hoe! Mmmmm I want a slushie.

  2. oooh wow. i don’t know what to say to this one….

  3. I like this one, its great good job

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