Suzie’s Food

Suzie’s Food

By Tato Smith

One time there was a girl named Suzie. She was hungry. Well, she was hungry a lot actually. With all the food she eats it’s amazing she doesn’t weigh 300 pounds. It would eventually catch up with her. But one day she ate a can of bad green beans and got kinda sick feeling so she went to bed and went to sleep to try to feel better.

grrr blargh

While she was sleeping, she had a bad dream that the french fries in the refrigerator that were leftover from lunch were calling her to them. But being sick from bad green beans she refused them. The french fries then said in a soft voice, “Why have you forsaken us, Suzie? You know you want us.” But Suzie yelled at them to leave her alone. But they were very persistent french fries.

eat us

They kept on and on and finally Suzie couldn’t take it anymore and walked in her sleep to the fridge and got the french fries out and began to eat them. But she didn’t really know how to eat in her sleep. She began to choke on the french fries and and finally woke up.


Suzie finally coughed up the evil french fry and stopped choking. Then she realized they had tried to kill her. So she took the rest of them and flushed them down the toilet. She had a hard time doing it, she really wanted to eat them.


Once she had flushed them and they were gone, she was better. ‘That was kinda weird,’ she thought. From then on she changed her eating habits and didn’t over eat anymore and never ever got fat. The end.

not fat


  1. yay! for not fat!
    me like. stupid evil french fries…

  2. Poor fries got flushed down the potty :'( I would have eated them. All mine are gone :(

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