Stinky Alfred

Stinky Alfred

By Tato Smith

One time there was a boy. His name was Alfred. Poor Alfred always had really bad gas that he couldn’t control. He wasn’t really aware of his problem either. He thought everyone was like that. But he soon found out otherwise.


One day Alfred decided he would go to the mall and hang out. So he did. He got there and started shopping. He was in a store looking a a rack of clothing when he let out a big juicy, stinky fart. All the people around him looked at him in disgust and when the smell reached their noses they almost died. The whole store quickly cleared out.

what's wrong?

Poor Alfred didn’t know what the big deal was. ‘Do i stink?’ he though, quickly smelling his armpits. ‘Nope, not me, must have been someone else.” So he went on to the food court, got a piece of pizza, and sat down. He saw a hot girl sitting all by herself at a table with a slushie. He went and talked to her. They liked each other and it was going great until he cut the cheese again. She was appalled. “Ew!” she said, “Do you need to go change your diaper?! Gross!” And she threw her slushie in his face and ran away.


Poor Alfred cleaned himself off and headed for the door to go home. He was sad and sticky. On his way to the door he was stopped by an old guy. The old guy said he was a doctor and told Alfred about his stinky toots and gave him just the pill to cure it. Alfred took the pill and within minutes Alfred farted again. This time it smelled of fruit and other pleasant things. Soon all the girls in the mall were all over Alfred because he smelled so good. The end.



  1. I wish I had nice fart pills. I could go poo and have it smell like cookies. Mmmmm.

  2. hahahahaha!!!! no, chad. just no.
    poor alfred.
    you want slushies don’t you?

  3. absolutely hilarious

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