Moo Cows

Moo Cows

By Tato Smith

One time there was a cow. Well, there were many cows actually. They lived in a field in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t really do much, just walked around, ate grass and pooped. But they didn’t mind their boring lives too much. They often enjoyed watching the cars go by on the highway and when those big white birds sat on their backs and talked to them.


Sometimes their owner would drive his truck out to the field to see the moo cows. He would never stay long. He just stayed long enough to poke them and fill their bowl thing up with moo cow feed. They liked him because he fed them. They didn’t care much for his pokes though. But oh well, at least they had food.


One time one of the big white birds came and sat on one of the moo cow’s backs. The big white bird told the moo cow bad things would happen to them if they kept eating the moo cow feed all the time like they did. The big white bird also told the moo cow their owner was a bad man and to warn the other moo cows. But the moo cow didn’t believe the big white bird and told him to go away.


A couple days later the owner came back. He brought a big moo cow semi truck with him, one of the ones that smell really bad and have all the holes in the sides. He began herding the moo cows into the truck. The moo cows were all like, “Yay, a truck ride!” and got right in. They liked truck rides. The big white bird came and sat on top of the truck and tried to tell them not to get in. The moo cows paid no attention. The big white bird got frustrated and pooped on them and flew away.


The cows got all loaded up and went on their ride. Several hours later they stopped and were herded out of the truck. They were then taken into a big scary looking building. The moo cows got scared. The big while bird was right. The moo cows wanted to be back home in their field. They tried to escape but they couldn’t.

scary place!

The mean people caught the poor moo cows. They did bad things to them and pretty soon all the moo cows were squished and ground up into hamburgers and shipped to McDonalds. They got eaten by all the evil people who eat poor innocent moo cows. The end.

moo cow burger


  1. Haha there’s lotsa poo! The story was sad though. I cried :'( Poor dumb moo cows.

  2. Nice… I’ll think about all the bird poop that prolly got squished up with the poor dumb cows next time I have a moo cow burger!

  3. I’m the evil person who eats moo cow burgers. Just not from McDonalds.

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