Howard and Betty

Howard and Betty

By Tato Smith

One there was a hot dog named Howard and a crunchy taco named Betty. They met randomly one day on the internet in an online chat room about sea turtles. They really hit it off so Howard Hot Dog proposed they should meet Thursday at 5 O’Clock at the Philip’s 66 station on the corner of 12th and Pine Cone. Betty Taco agreed and it was so.

Chat room

It was Thursday at 5 O’clock and Betty Taco waited for Howard Hot Dog. He was late. He showed up 12 and a half minutes late. Betty Taco counted. Howard Hot Dog took her into the Philip’s 66 an offered to buy her a frozen dinner. Betty Taco was impressed. She chose the most expensive dinner entree there was to get her money’s worth out of Howard Hot Dog. Howard Hot Dog thought she was a little pricey, but that was okay because he would buy her whatever she wanted in high hopes that she would invite him to come into her house later.


They microwaved their frozen dinners and sat at a card table in the corner. It was very romantic and they both fell in love. Howard Hot Dog was a little boring and kept talking about himself and other boring things. So Betty Taco said something funny. Howard Hot Dog began to laugh a little too hard and accidentally farted. He was really embarrassed that he had tooted in front of Betty Taco. But she laughed and thought it was funny so it was okay.


Their food was gone and it was time to go back to Betty Taco’s place because she had invited him over. Howard Hot Dog was really happy. They were walking out the door and Betty Taco tripped and fell on her face because she was wearing her new high-heels and wasn’t used to them yet. She got a bloody nose and was sad.


Howard Hot Dog picked her up and cleaned her up. She felt better so they went back to her place. Howard Hot Dog was a happy wiener and got what he wanted. The end.



  1. Haha the hot dog looks funny when he farts. I like him. Poor Betty got a bloody nose. Kinda makes me want Taco Bell. Mmmmm.

  2. did chad fart on your first date?
    did you fall and get a bloody nose?
    makes me wonder… lol!
    nice story!

  3. I still say this story leaves one hangin…

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