Patch of Ice

Patch of Ice

By Tato Smith

It was 25 degrees outside on a very cold November day. But that didn’t stop the towns old people from going to the Senior Center to play bingo. Or at least they tried. Old people never really understand that their driving is really bad and they nearly kill people. But bingo was their number one priority, it must be played. Who knows, they could win a quilt or something!


So they got into their cars and started down the street. They didn’t get far before they realized it was icy and they should be very careful. So they sped of down the highway doin’ about two miles an hour. Traffic soon jammed to an almost complete stop. The old people, not knowing that they were the cause of the traffic jam thought someone must have been driving too fast and got into an accident up ahead.


After finally getting out of their own traffic jam for nearly 25 minutes, they realized they were going to be late. In such a rush to get to the senior center they decided to increase speed to 10 miles an hour! The old women in the backseat began to get worried that they were traveling at such extreme speeds. Then it happened! They hit a small patch of ice in the road about the size of a quarter that no one else had run over yet so it was extra slippery. Their Lincoln Town Car swerved and drove off the bridge and into the lake below.

Oh my Heavens!

But luckily old people float. So they all floated to the surface and were greeted by the other old people that had made it to the senior center safely because it was right there. They also were like, “Oh my heavens!” and pulled them to safety.

I am wet

They didn’t make it in time for bingo. They were pretty upset that they didn’t win any quilts. So the other nice old bingo players that had won decided to give the old people that couldn’t drive their quilts. They were really happy and warm in their new quilts. The end.



  1. Haha I like the wet guy with the quilt. That is my favorite picture. The Bill Clinton picture is cool too. I didn’t know he liked bingo. Kinda reminds me of this one time when I beat you at online bingo. Those were the good old days….

  2. your bingo board isn’t big enough.
    good story!!

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