By Tato Smith

Based on a true story!

One time there was a ferret named Garfunkel. He lived with his adoring family that had rescued him from a bad family with a fat 2 year old that would sit on him and smash him. So he was happy with his new family, he got to run around and explore almost the whole house.


Garfunkel was a good ferret, but sometimes he was also a destructive ferret. He didn’t mean to be, he was just curious I suppose. One day when he was out exploring, he found a small, wooden stool that one of the children’s grandpas had made. It had cut out half circles in the side that served as handles. So Garfunkel thought it was be neat to crawl through them. So he did. Or tried to. But Garfunkel had a weight problem he didn’t know about yet. So he didn’t exactly fit through the handles in the stool and got stuck. After a while, the people noticed he was missing and found him stuck in the stool in the closet. They tried to pull him out but he was too fat. So they had to cut the stool apart with a saw to get him out. The mommy was quite upset that he ruined the stool her daddy had made. But at least Garfunkel was free now.


That was like, soooooo scary, Garfunkel thought. He had better be more careful. And maybe go on a diet too. So he tried this whole diet thing for about a week. It seemed to be going well until one of the girls took him outside to play one day. He saw a sort of plant he had never seen before. It was brown and had small poky balls all over it It was a sticker. But in case there are any Canadians reading (they don’t know what “stickers” are), think of them as thorns. Anyways, he thought this odd plant might help out his diet, so he ate it. Wasn’t easy going down, it actually kind of hurt. After eating the sharp sticker he decided he probably shouldn’t eat anymore of them.


A couple of days went by and Garfunkel wasn’t feeling good at all. He couldn’t eat anything because it made him throw up. The family was like, “Oh no, what’s wrong with him?”


So they took him to the vet and found out that the “healthy” sticker he had eaten was now lodged right in the spot where his stomach met his intestines. So poor Garfunkel had to go into surgery and have his sticker removed. It cost the family a couple hundred dollars. The mommy was not happy about this either. But at least Garfunkel was all better again. The end.



  1. Yaaay for Garf! You should write one about Simon too and his sneaky adventures…

  2. yay. i like it.

    you should write about how friends little sister used to be scared of ferrets…hehe

    good story!!

  3. aaaaw! i miss him!

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